Chalice Festival has officially been POSTPONED for approx. 4 months.

We must take a stand that cannabis culture and business brings value to cities. we are a huge stimulus in the economy. We bring over 30 million to the areas we throw events.  As a culture we should not grace anti-cannabis areas with the positive impact that our events bring.
We have a history of creating and maintaining a safe atmosphere and we will continue to provide this culture with a safe place to be who you are without fear of arrest or discrimination for being a cannabis consumer.. The City of Victorville has put us at risk.

The lawsuit with the BCC is moving forward and we will be continuing to fight for the rights of the community. Our sponsors, vendors, artists, and brand owners are our personal friends- as well as you, the community, and we do not want to put you at risk.

Our main focus is to professionally handle and address the people who have tickets to Chalice, the vendors, the sponsors, the people who make the event what it is. We would be nowhere without the support of all of you. Every person who has ever been to one of our events or
supported our cause. You are most important to us.

You can expect more info on the rescheduling in the near future- dates, new location, etc. We ask that you ride with us through this turbulent atmosphere that is legalization year.

If you are a ticket holder for 2018 Chalice Festival, here are the options.
1. Request a refund ( and receive refund within 14 days
2. Apply ticket to next show plus 1 free extra ticket

If you have purchased a judge kit, the Chalice competition is still happening and judges are picking up their kits this week.

The Award Ceremony for the chalice competition will take place at Hitman Coffeeshop on July 14th at 8 pm.

Our vendors and sponsors have been contacted, but for any questions or concerns please contact us directly.

Our brand has become what it is today because of you, the community, and our main priority is handling this situation as quickly as possible with the attendee, sponsors and vendors in mind.